Another feature that makes Eljoy bikes special is that your bike can be customised 100% to your specification.

Colour – Choose from a Palette of over 200 colours (or just give us a RAL code). Gloss, Matt or Pearlescent.

Style – With or without mudguards, off-road tyres, flat or curved bars for style or comfort

Saddle and bars – these are vital COMFORT elements. Bar curve, rise and angle can be customised by your dealer or you can order straight from the factory.

Gears – Upgrade to any spec. you like for better performance or lighter weight. Many models have options for hub gears, 7, 9, 11 speed or continuous variable, even electronic and automatic change.

Brakes – Upgrade to any spec you like for better performance or lighter weight.

Battery – Add an even bigger battery for massive range

Of course there is a cost involved but often not as much as you may expect. Please ask!

Custom colours are £75-£100 for example and other upgrades depend on what Shimano (or anyone else’s) parts we use but you don’t pay twice like you would if you upgrade later.

There is also a short wait as your bike will be hand built at the factory and delivered to your dealer. This is typically 3-4 weeks but you will be informed at the time of order as it depends on component availability and careful shipping.

We often make matching His’n Hers and even match the colour of your car, motorhome our favourite team!